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Vita (Kenneth Winston BE324)

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

SOOOOOO excited to share with you my bride, Vita in her amazing, customized Ella Rose (by Kenneth Winston) gown!

Okay, so to see a lot of the customization we did to the dress, you have to see what it looked like before we began the alterations process-

While this is just a stock photo from Kenneth Winston, you can see that first of the under layer was nude and is made to look as though there is only lace covering the top of the dress! Yikes! Vita asked if we could instead change the lining to be white and also fill in the front of the neckline so it wasn't such a deep "V" shape. It was one her dreams to also have full length lace sleeves added to the dress... So she ordered some lace and beads from Ever After Bridal and we got down to work!

We started by building a tulle base for the sleeves and fitting them to perfection, from there, we added lace and buttons to the sleeves to make a soft cuff with the delicate eyelash lace brushing against her hand. After all of the lace pieces were added exactly where she wanted, I started the process of hand beading every little glace bead onto the delicate and intricate design of the lace. Yes, it definitely took a few hours (okay, maybe more than a few hours), but in the end, the delicate lace and beading on the sleeves looked as though it were painted on her skin- making every stitch worth it! We took the leftover lace and beads and with a little fancy stitching, filled in the deep "V" shape in the front to make Vita more comfortable!

And thus, the dress of Vita's Dreams came true! Isn't she just a princess in it?

Dress: Ella Rose BE324 by Kenneth Winston

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