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A Little About Us

Our alterations shop began with the idea of taking every job as a new challenge and finding the best approach to alterations on the gown individually. Before officially opening as Andra's Finds Tailoring in 2016, our owner often heard brides complain about the alterations industry- that most tailoring shops have a "one size fits all" approach to every gown, from filling huge cups with a massive amount of padding to bustling every dress with the same tucked under, twenty-loop, french bustle. It was past time for something to change. 

Our owner, sought out other alterations specialists in the industry first to expand her own knowledge and later to teach and grow a new generation of bridal seamstresses. 

Six months after we opened, we started our partnerships with Ever After Bridal and Formal Wear to work with brides in the Tennessee Valley through working with their teams. After several years of growth in both experience and staff, we were excited to partner with All About the Bride and later their sister store, Meant to Be Bridal, providing a perfect transition from a personalized bridal shopping at any local boutique to a private and welcoming alterations appointment. In 2022, Grayce Bridal expanded to our area and we connected to round out our local partnerships. These partnerships give us experience working with designers specific to each Bridal shop as well as strengthen bonds with our clients before and during their alterations process.


Our team includes two full-time as well as two part time bridal seamstresses- experienced and quirky seamstress, Bri with an eye for everything from small darts to creating ballgowns from scratch. From learning to sew with her grandmother as a girl to catching fashion classes, she has an eye for style and has spent years applying it to her sewing knowledge to create truly incredible things, from the perfect hem to jaw-dropping gowns. (Catch some of her personal projects on Instagram at @brimariesewing) and Alana who might be the quietest one on our team, but enjoys mulling over the more challenging and mysterious alterations challenges. She loves to create grand costumes including a full belle costume complete with lace flourishes. Her passion is often historical fashion but a good fit challenge is a favorite way to grow her sewing knowledge and she is working her way into redoing vintage gowns into something new to further learn, grow, and challenge her sewing abilities


Although you might not see our part-time fairy godmothers as much, they work just as hard for their clients perfect fit! While you often see Andra with a little one in tow, she enjoys breaking down more complex alterations and often is involved in our vintage re-dos and custom sleeve projects.

 Last but never least, Labronda, brings to the table decades of experience sewing (her passion for years was creating costumes for shows at a North Georgia theatre). Although she can sew a full snow white costume in less than two days, she loves taking the time to work with delicate tailoring, getting a gown just right for a client's perfect day!


Our entire team is pleased to work with clients of all sizes shapes and backgrounds, and would love to help you find your fairytale fit!

On average, we book three weeks in advance and work with as many as six new brides and two formal wear clients each week but we are constantly growing! Our focus continues to be excellence within a timely manner and thus we ask for brides to book their first appointment for a minimum of eight weeks before their wedding day. For other formal gowns, a minimum of four weeks before the event date is required.

In order to keep our timelines secure and deliver your completed pieces before the deadline, it is very rare for us to offer shorter timelines. If a seamstress is available to complete a piece in less time, rush fees may be involved to compensate them for their overtime. Therefore, we recommend brides request an appointment four to five months before their wedding to ensure appointment availability. Please note that although we partner with local bridal shops, we are an independent business and appointments are on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee an appointment based on any bridal shop's recommendation.

With such a large need in the community, we are constantly looking for new booking assistants/receptionists as well as experienced alterations specialists to join our team. Be sure to click on our Careers tab to see if you would like to learn more about becoming a #sewingfairygodmother .

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