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Sarah (Allure Bridal 9564)

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Whenever a photographer reaches out to me after I share their photos I am always SUPER pumped! On average, I work on 16-20 bridal gowns a month and only about two brides a month will tag or send me photos from their big day. It's pretty sad for me because looking at wedding photos is one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do! So when Mandy Rhoden Photography reached out to me to ask if I wanted to see my bride, Sarah's gallery, I was absolutely thrilled!

I'm not one to go on and on and on when there are pretty photos to look at, so without further ado, I give you a few of my favorites of Sarah's spectacular wedding, as captured by Mandy Rhoden Photography!

So when I say Sarah, rocked her Allure bridal gown, she ROCKED it! With a few minor alterations like a hem and pulling up her straps, Allure Bridal Style 9564 came to LIFE on her and embodied the absolutely perfect Tennessee bride!

Did we also mention that she chose an Elementary School as the backdrop for her wedding? yes! Is that not so cool? You probably would have never known without me letting you in! So unique, and you know me, I'm always obsessed with one-of-a-kind brides!

Thank you guys so much for taking time to scroll through these amazing photos, and if you have a moment, click here to check out Mandy Rhoden Photography's Instagram. You won't be sorry!

Would you like to be featured on our blog? Feel free to drop us an email at andra@andrasfindstailoring or reach out on Instagram and we would love to talk to you about being featured!

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