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Megan (Stella York 6774)

So excited today to FINALLY sit down and post about the amazing transformation that we did to Megan's Stella York gown!

She sent me her wedding previews and "before alterations" photos weeks ago and between the new addition to the Andra's Finds Tailoring team, and all of you amazing winter brides, I haven't had a chance to share! Now you know I'm not one to go on and on so let's hop to those amazing before and after photos-

We started with the gown being more than a little loose (check out the clips in the next photo), along with Megan requesting us to do something about the neckline. While Megan absolutely loved her dress, she just wanted a little more of a wow factor and the neckline just felt a little plain. So we grabbed pins and scissors and hopped to it!

First step to any custom alterations for us is to work on fitting the dress itself. Why? Most people have trouble picturing themselves in an ill-fitting gown that looks like it's adding 10 pounds. In the past, I've had people have ask me to customize the dress and once the fitting process was completed they ended up absolutely loving the dress as is!

Knowing this, I always start with some larger fit issues, knowing we can tailor the dress further as the wedding gets closer. From there, we added a permanent graduated strap to Megan's dress so she would have a little more support than those tiny removable spaghetti straps were giving her.

It took a lot of photos and even more deliberation but Megan finally found the Perfect neckline and we began the process of shaving down the current sweetheart into her perfect neckline. With the addition of a simple french bustle to her train, the dress was just as ready as Megan was for her special day!

Okay, enough said- enjoy Megan's absolutely beautiful photos!

If you are an Andra's Finds Tailoring bride and are interested in being featured on the blog, feel free to send your photos to: for consideration.

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