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Anna (Upcycled Sophia Tolli)

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Have you ever met someone who can take the most dingy, dirty, gross item from goodwill and make it look like a piece that belongs in a mansion? That is my bride Anna, to a "T." We took a worn out, discontinued Sophia Tolli gown bound only for a thrift store and worked a little bit of magic!

Originally the gown had these cheap sparkly buttons on the bodice, and Anna wanted a much richer look. So we took those off and replaced them with ivory covered buttons continuing all the way down the train! We also took off a bunch of rhinestones that had started to oxidize and turn black and changed the straps to droop off of her shoulders!

Did we also mention that she upcycled her veil? She (again) found it at a thrift shop with this super crazy blusher attached. So we removed the blusher and added some lace she had found onto the bottom of her cathedral veil to take it from a little simple to bridal perfection!

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